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Klinch Dock Brackets (pair)


Klinch Dock Brackets (pair)

$9.00 $10.50

Extra 2 Klinch™ dock brackets. For use on your tool belt, wrist mount, or to fasten to any structure that you're working from. These brackets can also be fixed in the back of your vehicle, vessel, storage area or tool bag to hang your tools up securely when not in use.



  • Keeps tools connected at all times, even during tool transfers
  • Reduces risk of injury damage and inconvenience of dropped tools
  • Docks fit onto standard 50mm wide tool belts
  • Patented switch removes requirement for cumbersome lengthy lanyards



  • Ideal for scaffolding, rigging, mining and construction work at heights
  • Suitable for tools up to 3kg in weight


Model:  KDB

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