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TECHNIQUE Tool Choke, 15.9 kg Rated - Dual Arm

Technique Solutions

TECHNIQUE Tool Choke, 15.9 kg Rated - Dual Arm


The Technique Tool Choke is certified for tools up to 16kg and provides an excellent option for securing a wide range of tools including, Angle Grinders, Drills, Power Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Mag Drills, Crowbars, Sledgehammers etc - just to name a few...! 

This choke has 2 "arms" to stabilise the tool, choke around a tool and secure by applying Tech-Wrap Tape to the 'Twin Arms'.  Features a steel delta eye on the end for attaching your lanyard to.


Rating:   up to 16 kg

Colour: Red

Webbing:  24mm

Length:       ~32cm (plus a 45mm steel delta eye on one end)

Arms:      2 

Model:     H01057

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